Esor remains strongly committed to B-BBEE and is constantly striving to increase black ownership at group level. The group is currently 61,65% Black-owned, comprising BEE shareholders that include:

Shareholder Shares

Esor Broad Based Share Ownership Scheme: Implemented in 2006
to benefit all permanent staff below executive management level

  • holds a 5,32% stake in the group

21 012 250

Kamal Natha

125 522 286
Other 73 062 760
Total 219 597 296

The Esor group is rated a “Level 3” contributor in terms of the Construction Charter. 100% of spend with the group can therefore be regarded as BEE spend for clients. 89,6% of the workforce is Black, and emphasis is placed on training suitable candidates to accelerate promotion to management level. Esor is currently 61,65% Black-owned, of which 1,85% comprises Black female equity participation.